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The frame falling off

Ghost news: Man left TERRIFIED after re-watching video of him entering house

Kieran Essen, 23, was being filmed returning from a shopping trip with friends Amy Jardine, 25, and Kerrie Watson, 22, when the chilling incident happened.Caught on camera by pal Lisa…

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Blood Moon 2019 what is blood moon prophecy super blood wolf moon end times

Blood Moon 2019: What is Blood Moon prophecy? Is Super Blood Wolf Moon sign of end times?

Skygazers will be able to experience an epic lunar event this month – a Super Blood Wolf Moon.The moon will move into the shadow of the Earth, causing it to…

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Mutant cow in India

Mutant one-eyed cow worshipped ‘as a GOD’ after ‘miracle’ birth

Bizarre footage has emerged of the calf which has sent a town into frenzy.In the clip, the mammal can be seen with one large eye in the middle of its…

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Llancaiach Fawr

Elvis alive? Tape of the King speaking ‘four years AFTER death’ REVEALED

Singer and Hollywood movie-star Elvis was found dead in his Georgia home on at the age of 42, on August 6, 1977.But mysteries have surrounded his death ever since –…

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bible apocalypse

End of the World: Rapture to start the apocalypse in 2019 says Bible

The Rapture is an event many Christians believe marks the return of the son of God – and all the believers will disappear from Earth up to Heaven in the "twinkling of an eye".But…

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Redditers were left horrified by the odd octopus

Shapeshifting octopus video leaves internet TERRIFIED

FOOTAGE of a shapeshifting octopus in the ocean has left the internet terrified. In the video, a weirdly-shaped grey octopus can be seen leaning against a plant on the ocean…

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Hunter spots "red eyes" lurking in the trees

Bigfoot hunter spots pair of giant ‘red eyes’ lurking in forest

A BIGFOOT hunter was shocked to find what some believe to be “proof” of the mythical beast. The footage begins as the hunter moves through a desolate forest at night.Suddenly,…

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A strange white rod is spotted near the sun

Alien news: ‘Rod-shaped object’ BIGGER than Earth spotted moving past sun

A MYSTERIOUS object bigger than Earth has been spotted moving past the sun, according to wild claims online. The strange figure was spotted by YouTube conspiracy theorist The Grimreefar last…

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Google Earth FRENZY as 'ancient megastructure' discovered on ocean floor

A CONSPIRACY theorist has found what he believes to be an “ancient megastructure” buried off the coast of Costa Rica. Source link

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Theorists claim Antarctica wasn

Antarctica bombshell as ‘pyramids and tunnels’ found on Google Earth

Now frozen and desolate, some claim the continent may have been home to an ancient civilisation.Others claim Antarctica was the home of the mythical city of Atlantis.And sightings of “pyramids”,…

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